Transition Metal catalysts for selective and sustainable processes

Catalysis in non-conventional media

Sustainable development of smart chiral metal-catalysts for industrial processes (SMARTCAT)

Innovation in catalysis

Catalysis is undoubtedly a key enabling technology in the devolpment of chemical processes. Research towards improved activity and selectivity of a catalytic system is therefore at the core of sustainable processes for the reduction of costs, waste, and time, and for ensuring continuous growth. In this framework, "the Innovation in Catalysis group" researches into high-efficiency catalytic processes (high selectivities and activities, low energy consumption and waste generation) and is based on the different expertise of team members, and on the development of key strategies to meet the current challenges in catalysis and finding solutions to obtain sustainable processes and the production of clean energy. The experience acquired by the group in catalysis (homogeneous and nanocatalysis) allows us to consider optimizing and applying the catalysts to new synthetic methodologies. The aim is to improve the current state-of-the-art in the synthesis, screening and recovery of catalysts (molecular, nano- and biocatalysts) very active and selective for reactions of industrial interest.

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