• Domains in protein structures are classified in two main databases: CATH and SCOP. Both databases (and especially CATH) provide not only a comprehensive classification of domains, but also a complete analysis of their structural features. This makes the update speed of both databases noticeably lower than the growth speed of PDB. TIM-DB provides a complete and updated view of all TIM barrel domains in PDB structures. TIM-DB is updated weekly (after PDB releases the new layer1 entries on Wednesday morning) and is therefore more suitable for researchers interested in TIM barrel proteins than the more general SCOP and CATH databases. The TIM barrel proteins are classified in TIM-DB according to their EC code. Historically, this is the most usual way in which TIM barrel domains have been classified (Farber, 1993; Janecek & Bateman, 1996). From the main page of this web site, all the PDB structures can be accessed following the corresponding enzyme activity link. The consistency of TIM-DB with SCOP and CATH is frequently checked.

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