Interficie gràfica per a l'anàlisi de la densitat electrònica.
ADF Utilities
Algunes utilitats per a transformar fitxers generats amb el programa ADF.

CLab - Computational Lab Web Manager
Entorn intregat via Web que gestiona usuaris, dades, resultats i el treball en un laboratori computacional.

In 2001, we found interesting to develop an application to manage, in a generic way, users, files and jobs, i.e., the objects, information and production that make up a computational laboratory. We proposed to build an Internet based application in such a way that the user interface is simply a Web browser. The application is being developed using a J2EE application server. The Computational Laboratory Web Manager, CLab, is a sophisticated and reliable software system designed to allow an optimal use of our computational resources, to improve the way the users interact with the clusters and to facilitate tasks, administration and control of the system. Additionally, CLab provides a common interface, a collaborative environment, and an adaptable system to visualize data files, and many other tools. CLab team includes Joan Iglesias (programming), José Carlos Ortiz (system manager) and myself (project leader).
Projecte en desenvolupament. Prem aqui per veure una presentació del Gener 2003.