Grup de Química Quàntica

MAGINET is the "beowulf" cluster built by the Quantum Chemistry Group of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona. MAGINET was built (dessigned, plugged and configured and nightmared with) by our computer engineer  Jose Carlos Ortiz Alba during February and March 2000.

Technical Specifications:
CPU type Pentium III @ 500 MHz
Number of Nodes 17
Operating System Linux Red Hat 6.1
Compilers GNU (C, Fortran), PGI 3.1
Network 100 Mbps / Ethernet Switch 
Master Node 2 CPU - 256 MB RAM - 40 GB  DISK 
Slave Nodes 1 CPU - 128 MB RAM - 6.4 GB DISK


How to use MAGINET ?
Maginet is configured in such a way that is "transparent" for our computational chemistry applications. This means that the users use Maginet as if it was a single workstation. The batch system (NQS) and a set of shell scripts take care of the job distribution among the nodes. Actually, two batch queues are defined: one over 12 nodes and another over the last 5 nodes. Follow this link to get more information about Maginet: What programs are installed? How to use them? How disks are organized? How to submit jobs to the queue? (All this information is restricted to Maginet users, sorry !!!)

Because Maginet is the name of a rather famous guy in Tarragona. Learn more about him following this link.

Beowulf Links
You can build your own cluster like ours from the "know-how" available on the Net. Just follow our selected links. Good luck !!

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