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Transition-Metal-Free Allylic Borylation of 1,3-Dienes
Maza, Ricardo J.; Davenport, Elliot; Miralles, Nuria; Carbo, Jorge J.; Fernandez, Elena,
ORGANIC LETTERS, 2019, 21, 2251-2255.
Electrochemical properties of the [SiW10O36(M2O2E2)](6-) olyoxometalate series (M = Mo(v) or W(v); E = S or O)
Kemmegne-Mbouguen, Justin Claude; Floquet, Sebastien; Zang, Dejin; Bonnefont, Antoine; Ruhlmann, Laurent; Simonnet-Jegat, Corine; Lopez, Xavier; Haouas, Mohamed; Cadot, Emmanuel,
NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY, 2019, 43, 1146-1155.
How Does the Redox State of Polyoxovanadates Influence the Collective Behavior in Solution? A Case Study with [I@V18O42] q- ( q = 3, 5, 7, 11, and 13).
Sole-Daura, Albert; Notario-Estevez, Almudena; Carbo, Jorge J; Poblet, Josep M; de Graaf, Coen; Monakhov, Kirill Yu; Lopez, Xavier,
Inorganic chemistry, 2019, 58, 3881-3894.
Trends in the Bond Multiplicity of Cr2, Cr3, and Cr2M (M = Zn, Ni, Fe, Mn) Complexes Extracted from Multiconfigurational Wave Functions.
Spivak, Mariano; Lopez, Xavier; de Graaf, Coen,
The journal of physical chemistry. A, 2019, 123, 1538-1547.
Controlling the Activity and Stability of Electrochemical Interfaces Using Atom-by-Atom Metal Substitution of Redox Species
Prabhakaran, Venkateshkumar; Lang, Zhongling; Clotet, Anna; Poblet, Josep M.; Johnson, Grant E.; Laskin, Julia,
ACS NANO, 2019, 13, 458-466.