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The Maginet PC Cluster

The Quantum Chemistry Group in Tarragona has its own computational facilities. Since the late 1990s, a PC cluster called "Maginet" is our calculation center. It is composed of ~200 PC nodes with a total number of ~400 processors. It provides 1 Tb memory and 30 Tb of disk. The whole cluster is organized in 3 sub-clusters, the so-called maginet-ii, maginet-iii and maginet-iv. Each of these is devoted to a family of calculations: DFT molecule-oriented, ab initio or periodic projects.

In this cluster, many computational packages are installed (ADF, Gaussian, Turbomole, MOLCAS, VASP, etc.). Some of these programs allow parallelization, so that some of the PC nodes are put together to form a single queue.

This PC cluster has grown up from a few nodes to its actual size which provides the members of the QCG with powerful and diverse computational capabilities.

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