Synthetically defined glycoprotein vaccines:

Synthetically defined glycoprotein vaccines:

Current status and future directions

R. Adamo, A. Nilo, B. Castagner, O. Boutureira, F. Berti, G.L. Bernardes.
Chem. Sci. 2013, 4, 2995-3008.


Primary examples in vaccine design have shown good levels of carbohydrate-specific antibody generation when raised using extracted or fully synthetic capsular polysaccharide glycans covalently coupled to a protein carrier. Herein, we cover recent clinical developments of carbohydrate-based vaccines and describe how novel cutting-edge methodology for the total synthesis of oligosaccharides and for the precise placement of carbohydrates at pre-determined sites within a protein may be used to further improve the safety and efficacy of glycovaccines.