Ph.D. Thesis

Ph.D. Thesis

Since the formation of the group 40Ph.D. Thesis have been defended, some of them supervised in collaboration with other research groups.

The Ph.D. students formed in the group are at present Associate Professors in Spanish Universities (5), Contract RyC (1), Associate Professors in foreigner Universities (6), institute of research (2), technological center (2), researchers I+D in Spanish companies (12), researchers I+D in foreigner companies (2), administration (1), technic in EU (1), responsible of a metabolomic unit (1), post-doc in UK (4), professor in secondary school (1).


Recent PhD works in our group:

"Synthesis of fluorinated analogues of KRN7000"
AUTOR: David Collado Fernçandez
YEAR: 2017

"Merging Synthetic with Biological Chemistry: Green Glycosylation in Supercritical CO2 and Stereoselective Synthesis of Sphingosine Kinase Inhibitors"
AUTOR: Adrià Cardona Benages
YEAR: 2017

"New methods of trifluoromethylation of carbohydrates"
AUTOR: jordi Mestre Ventura
YEAR: 2017

"Telomerization of dienes"
AUTOR: Jordi Colavida Bové
Industrial Thesis
YEAR: 2016

" Fluorinated glycolipids as chemical tools for studying interactions with biological receptors"
AUTOR: Miriam Salvadó Moreno
YEAR: 2016

"Palladium-catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Amination. Development and Synthetic Applications"
AUTOR: Sébastien Soriano
YEAR: 2015

"Regio- and Enantioselectives Synthesis of Unsaturated Aminoalcohols, Aminoketones and Diamines as Valuable Intermediates in Organic Synthesis"
AUTOR: Joan Guasch Savidó
YEAR: 2015

"Copper, Silver and Ruthenium Complexes with Tridentate Ligands.
Applications as Catalysts in Aziridination, C-H Insertion and Hydrogenation Reactions"
AUTOR: Isamel Arenas González
YEAR: 2014

"New Organocatalyzed Transformations of Aziridines"
AUTOR: Miriam Díaz de los Bernardos
YEAR: 2013 

"Enantioselective Synthesis of Natural Products" 
AUTOR: Mariam Azzou
YEAR: 2013

"Carbohydrate manipulations towards high-mannose oligosaccharides"
AUTOR: Javier Castilla
YEAR: 2012

"Glycolipids: Synthesis and Multivalent systems"
AUTHOR: Isidro Cobo Cardenete
YEAR: 2012

"Stereoselective reactions in carbohydrate synthesis"
AUTHOR: Irene Marín Ferré
YEAR: 2012

"Ligand Design for Palladium and Iridium Selective Catalysts"
AUTHOR: Verónica de la Fuente
YEAR: 2011

"Synthesis of Sphingoid Bases by Transition Metal-Catalyzed Reactions"
AUTHOR: Josep Llaveria Cros
YEAR: 2011

"Synthesis of glycolipids and glycodendritic polymers that bind HIV rgp120"
AUTHOR: Jose Antonio Morales-Serna
YEAR: 2009

"1,3-Diphosphite ligands with furanoside backbone: A powerful tool in asymmetric catalysis"
AUTHOR: Aitor Gual
YEAR: 2009

"Structural Determinants of Adenophostin A Activity. Proposal and Synthetic Approach to New Adenophostin Analogs"
AUTHOR: David Benito Alifonso
YEAR: 2008

"Hydroayclation and C-N coupling reactions. Mechanistic studies and application  in the nucleoside synthesis"
AUTHOR: Patricia Marcé Villa
YEAR: 2008

"Stereoselective synthesis of 2-deoxyoligosaccharides. Application to the synthesis of Digitoxine and P57"
AUTHOR: Andrea Köver
YEAR: 2008

"Stereoselective synthesis of 2-deoxyoligosaccharides"
AUTHOR: Omar Boutureira
YEAR: 2007

"Stereoselective Synthesis of 2-deoxyglycosides. Approach to the Synthesis of Digitoxine"
AUTHOR: Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Gómez
YEAR: 2007

"Aproximacions de la síntesi de 2"-fluoro, 2'-metilencarboxilat i/o 3", 4"-dimetilencarboxilat anàlegs de l'Adenosfostina A"
AUTHOR: Núria Almacellas i Moreno
YEAR: 2007

"New chiral ligands in asymmetric catalysis.Application in stabilization of metal nanoparticles"
AUTHOR:Rosa Axet
YEAR: 2006

"Hidroacilación inter e intramolecular. Estudio del sistema catalítico y aplicaciones sintéticas"
AUTHOR: Xiomara Yáñez Rueda
YEAR: 2005

"Tunable Chiral Ligands for Ir and Rh Hydrogenation Processes. Synthesis of enantiomerically enriched Amines"
AUTHOR: Ester Guiu Rozas
YEAR: 2003

"Síntesis de Carbohidratos modificados conteniendo F y P. Aplicación en Síntesis de Policiclos y en Catálisis Asimétrica"
AUTHOR: Mohamed Lamin Aghmiz
YEAR: 2003

"2-Desoxi-2-yodo-1-tio-furanòsids i piranòsids. Nous dadors de glicosil per a la síntesi estereoselectiva de 2-desoxi-oligosacàrids"
AUTHOR: Xavier Arnés
YEAR: 2003

"Síntesis estereoselectiva de nucleòsids bicíclics i ramificats"
AUTHOR: Mª Pineda Molas Porqueras
YEAR: 2002

"Nuevos métodos de síntesis estereoselectiva de 2'-desoxi-, aciclo- e isonucleósidos"
AUTHOR: Antonio Viso
YEAR: 2002

"Estudio de la reacción de contracción de ciclo en carbohidratos. Aplicación en la síntesis de Avenaciolida e Isoavenaciolida"
AUTHOR: Eva Mª Alcázar Expósito
YEAR: 2001

"Síntesis estereoselectiva de carbohidratos e isonucleósidos mediante reacción de ciclación intramolecular inducidas por electrófilos de yodo y selenio"
AUTHOR: Fernado Bravo
YEAR: 2000

"Síntesi de fluoro i gem-difluoronucleòsids . Síntesi formal de la gemcitabina"
AUTHOR: Raúl Fernández
YEAR: 1998

"Nuevas reacciones en Química de Carbohidratos. Aplicación a la síntesis de análogos de nucleósidos y de productos naturales"
AUTHOR: Mohamed Kassou