Research lines

The research projects of the Chemometrics and Qualimetrics Group have evolved over time and there are now two main research areas and an emerging third one:

Chemometrics | Qualimetrics | Nanosensors


The concept of chemometrics -which literally means the part of science that studies chemical measurement- has been defined on numerous occasions. In nonspecialist terms, chemometrics involves everything that is related to the process of measuring and which is not a part of the instrumentation. Using anglicisms, we would say that it is concerned much more with the soft than the hard of solutions to chemical problems. So, for example, chemometrics studies the conditions in which an experiment must be carried out for maximum information to be extracted from the analyses or how to make the calculations to transform convoluted instrumental responses into quantitative and qualitative information useful for the user.

In particular, the Chemometrics and Qualimetrics Group works in the development of new chemometric techniques related to:

  • the validation of analytical methods
  • the selection and optimisation of the experimental conditions
  • the conversion of analytical data into useful information
  • the on-line extraction in real time of information about the qualitative and quantitative composition of systems in continual evolution (industrial chemical processes, environmental or biological problems)


The freedom of trade in increasingly larger geographical areas has meant that the comparison of analytical results is a milestone to be aimed at. To achieve this aim, the competent international organisations have developed a system of quality assurance that is mainly based on normalisation, certification and accreditation, and calibration. The knowledge and tools that are used to develop and evaluate the quality of analysis principally chemical but also in other fields have been grouped under the name of qualimetrics. The Chemometrics and Qualimetrics Group carries out work into the validation of routine methods in laboratories or the field, and in particular into the verification of traceability and the determination of the uncertainty associated to both quantitative and qualitative analytical results.



The Chemometrics and Qualimetry group works on the development of analytical systems based on carbon nanotube sensors to be applied to the detection and quantification of various analytes in solution or gases of environmental or industrial process control interest, and to validate the results obtained by these analytical systems.

More information in nanosensors activities.


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