The activity of the Chemometrics and Qualimetrics Group focuses on two main areas. On the one hand, the Group develops and applies new chemometric techniques related to the validation of analytical methodologies. Experimental conditions are selected and optimised so that they are ideal for carrying out the work and the useful information is then extracted from the data in the laboratory. The main equipment used is on-line analytical systems with simultaneous detection of multiple responses.

On the other hand, the second main activity of the Group is the transfer of knowledge and technology. As far as the transfer of knowledge is concerned, the Group provides a variety of continuous training activities: every year there are postgraduate courses and seminars for specialists, both in general fields (monitoring and evaluating quality in an analytical laboratory) and specific ones (experimental design, multivariate analysis, determination of uncertainty and traceability). Another important aspect of the Group’s work is the scientific consultancy it provides in all areas of chemometrics and quality for analytical laboratories. As far as technology transfer is concerned, the most important activity is the development, updating and maintenance of NIR (Near Infrared) analytical systems, and multivariate calibration. We carry out this activity both at our University and at various companies throughout the country although most of them are located in the petrochemical estate in Tarragona. The activity is regulated by the agreements and contracts that are administrated by the Fundació URV.

The group has the distinction of "Consolidated Research Group" by the General Research Board of the Catalan Government for the period 2014-2016.

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