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Catalytic organoBoron Chemistry


The research in the catalytic organoborane chemistry line is directed towards the development of atom-efficient, low-waste processes for the synthesis of high added value organoborane products with a special emphasis on the asymmetric version of the catalytic boron-addition reactions.

Within this framework we strive to meet scientific challenges in combination with application-oriented research. These goals are pursued via six research topics:

  1. Study of catalytic boron addition reactions (hydroboration, diboration, b-boration) to alkenes and alkynes by using inexpensive transition metals, such as copper and iron.
  2. Asymmetric approaches towards chiral organoboron synthesis. Use of alternative chiral ligands.
  3. Development of catalytic tandem organic sequences through selective boron addition chemistry.
  4. Mechanistic studies of the catalytic processes combined with theoretical studies.
  5. Organocatalytic approaches to boron addition reactions.
  6. Synthesis of target organoboron compounds.

Key words
Homogeneous catalysis, Boron chemistry, Organoborane synthesis, Chiral organoboranes, Pinacolborane, Catecolborane, Tandem organoborane reactions

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