The Accommodation Office recommends making a provisional reservation of a room in a students' residence for the first few days at the URV. When you arrive at the URV, you can come to our offices or speak to the student information officer BACU of any faculty or school to get complete information about other accommodations such as flats for rent, flats for sharing with other students and rooms in private flats (normally elderly people or families who can also provide food and do the cleaning for you.

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Living at the URV
Useful advice for your stay at the URV
Visas and immigration procedures

For flats or rooms to rent see: Living at the URV link

Sant Jordi Residence Hall
Avda. Lluís Companys, 5
43005 Tarragona
Telephone: (+34) 977 240 195
Fax: (+34) 977 243 134

Casa Nostra Residence
C/ Higini Anglès 1 , 4B
43001 Tarragona
Telephone: (+34) 661 99 07 04
Fax: (+34) 977 24 05 32