Xaim is a X11 Motif  graphical user interface to several programs based on some aspects of the Theory of Atoms in Molecules  developed by Prof. R.F.W. Bader and coworkers.
The  two programs currently interfaced are:
Xaim uses a single file as input: the WFN file. This file contains the molecular geometry, basis set functions description and molecular orbitals. It can be directly obtained from an ADF  or GAUSSIAN  run or easily generated from other packages.

Gaussian and Slater basis sets are thus supported.

Xaim is distributed in binary form free of charge. The distribution file includes the binaries for Xaim, EXTREME and FLOPO and some additional files.

If you wish to use Xaim , press the download button and follow the instructions.

Thanks for your interest in Xaim

Designed and Programmed by:
José Carlos Ortiz Alba Carles Bo Jané
jose.ortiz@urv.cat cbo@iciq.es 
Departament de Química Física i Inorgànica 
Universitat Rovira i Virgili  C. Marcel.lí Domingo s/n 
43007 - Tarragona (Spain)